Tafelberg 1503

Leather belt

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Leather belt embellished with a unique Buckle featuring the Table Mountain silhouette® .

This belt created for an upscale target group appreciating the Cape Town way of life serves not only as a stylish accessory but keeps your memories alive to one of the most fascinating places you ever visited Each High grade steel Buckle featuring Table Mountain logo® is a single-unit production manufactured by laser cutting technology.

The stainless steel quality guaranties eternal and lasting beautiful appearance.

Leather color: smooth leather black , smooth leather brown

Buckle size:
length 7,60 cm width 4,50 cm
length 7,00 cm width 4,00 cm

Size belt (measured from where the leather ends at the buckle end to the middle hole at the tip end): 85/90/95/100/105/110

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